Childs Farm for the win.

We all know too well how sensitive little ones skin can be, only the gentlist of lotions and potions will suffice; which is why I was so happy to discover Childs Farm. The British brand has a wonderful range of toiletries that are suitable right from the start, meaning even the most sensitive of skin can be bathed and moisturised in sumptuous smelling bath products. My discovery of Childs Farm began before I’d even had children, prone to eczema as a child and again in my adult life I needed something that smelt good, but also didn’t irritate my skin. I’d read somewhere online about the brand and thought it was worth a try – I’ve not looked back since; becoming a Child’s Farm brand ambassador a few months ago has allowed me to spread the word about something I really love.

With a recently launched baby range you can rest assured that your newborns skin will be getting the best care possible, I particularly love the baby oil which is perfect for baby massage and smells of delicious coconuts. 

Other favourites include the strawberry and organic mint shampoo, organic sweet orange hair and body wash and the suncream with its no sting formula. Often products suitable for sensitive, eczema prone skin mean they are unscented, but Childs Farm have broken that boundry and created products that cater to the need for gentleness but not missing out on scent. I’d advise everyone to give them a try and if you use code CFAMB217 when ordering online you will receive 30% off your order.


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