We are now a good 7 weeks into weaning and I have to say after some dread, (you need to be somewhat organised) I am loving our weaning journey. First time round with Rueben I steamed, blended and pureed the life out of everything and anything! It was a labour of love, I was excited to be starting a new chapter in our parenting journey, but also completely lost in the world of weaning advise and should and should nots. So I went with what I felt comfortable with – purees, and lots of them! Admittedly looking back I went a bit OTT on the freezer stock, but I felt organised and always had something on hand to use, what I hadn’t bargained for was how quickly Rueben would be ready to move onto more lumpy, solid textures, sadly a fair few cubes of mush were wasted. Overall I was pretty calm about the process, I didn’t ever really fear choking (the grandparents did the worrying) I just trusted that Rueben’s body was ready to move onto solid food and he did all the work.

Rueben enjoying his porridge.

Second time round and I have layed off of the purees (ok, there were a couple of ice cube trays of veg) but nothing on the scale of Rueben’s weaning journey. This is partly because I have had less time to purée lots of things up, but also because Alfie quickly decided he wasn’t a purée fan. It’s still surprising at a mere 6 months old that a baby can let you know so quickly what they do and don’t want, Alfie’s way of showing me was keeping his little lips firmly shut as not to let any puree in. 

Alfies first taste of porridge.

His first taste was porridge, but it soon became clear he didn’t want to be spoon fed, so I thought I’d try my hand (or Alfie’s) at baby led weaning. He’s really taken to it and much prefers to grab what I put in front of him, exploring both taste and texture. He has tried all sorts of things from toast to broccoli spears, cheese, ham, banana pancakes, cauliflower, raw pepper sticks, the list is endless and there seems to be no stopping him now. I’ve found Instagram really useful to give me finger food inspiration, anything chip shaped works well or with a natural handle such as florets of broccoli. 

Alfie does really enjoy fruit puree and yoghurt, that’s one of the few things he will happily slurp from a spoon. We tend to buy Hipp Organic and Ella’s Kitchen fruit pouches. I’m just enjoying the process and not getting hung up on how much he’s actually consuming, simply letting him find his own way with new flavours and textures. 


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